9th IEEE Broadband wireless access workshop (BWA2013)
December 9
th 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: F:\Conferenze_TPC\BWA_2012\sito_web\Site BWA 2011\ieee.gifUS

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Workshop Programme

The 9th International Workshop on Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) takes place on December 9th 2013 in the Atlanta Hilton and Towers, 255 Courtland Street, Atlanta, US. Note that the posters will be displayed throughout the entire workshop.

Room 304

Room 305


Keynote Speeches
Session Chair
: Dr. Patrick Marsch, Nokia Solutions and Networks


·    Hank Kafka, VP Radio Access and Devices, AT&T

·    Dr. Bill Payne, VP Small Cells and CDMA, Nokia Solutions and Networks


Coffee Break


Paper Session 1 - Novel PHY Techniques
Chair: Dr. Amitava Ghosh,  Nokia Solutions and Networks


Universal-Filtered Multi-Carrier Technique for Wireless Systems Beyond LTE
Vida Vakilian, Thorsten Wild, Frank Schaich, Stephan ten Brink, Jean-François Frigon


Zero-tail DFT-spread-OFDM signals

Gilberto Berardinelli,  Fernando M. L. Tavares, Troels B. Sørensen, Preben Mogensen, Kari Pajukoski


A Reduced Complexity Receiver for Multi-Carrier Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling

Frank Schaich, Thorsten Wild


IRA Code Design for IDMA-based Multi-Pair Bidirectional Relaying Systems

Florian Lenkeit,  Carsten Bockelmann,  Dirk Wübben,  Armin Dekorsy


Compressed Sensing Soft Activity Processing for Sparse Multi-User Systems

Fabian Monsees, Carsten Bockelmann, Armin Dekorsy



Paper Session 2 - Novel MAC Techniques
Session Chair
: Dr. Andreas Maeder, NEC Laboratories Europe


Incentive-Oriented Downlink Scheduling for Wireless Networks with Real-Time and Non-Real-Time Flows

I-Hong Hou, Jing Zhu, Rath Vannithamby


Fighting Against Access Collision And Hidden Node Problem in Broadcast Scheme Of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Xianbo Chen, Lih-feng Tsaur, Hazem Refai, Xiaomin Ma


Throughput Optimal Flow Allocation on Multiple Paths for Random Access Wireless Multi-hop Networks

Manolis Ploumidis, Nikolaos Pappas, Apostolos Traganitis


Optimal Fair Downlink Fractional Frequency Reuse for Cellular Wireless Networks

Hung-Bin Chang, Izhak Rubin


TRICS: A Distributed MAC Layer Scheduling Algorithm for Concurrent Transmissions in MIMO Wireless Mesh Networks

Muhammad Irfan Rafique




Poster Teaser Session 1
Session Chair
: Dr. Amitava Ghosh,  Nokia Solutions and Networks


Radio Resource Allocation for Multicast Transmissions over High Altitude Platforms

Ahmed Ibrahim, Attahiru Alfa


On The Advantages of Location Resolved Input Data for Throughput Optimization Algorithms in Self-Organizing Wireless Networks

Sascha Berger, Albrecht J Fehske, Paolo Zanier, Ingo Viering, Gerhard Fettweis


Exploiting Diurnal User Mobility for Predicting Cell Transitions

Nandish Kuruvatti, Andreas Klein, Joerg Schneider, Hans D. Schotten


Erlang Analysis of Cellular Networks using Stochastic Petri Nets and User-in-the-Loop Extension for Demand Control

Rainer Schoenen, Halim Yanikomeroglu


Modeling and Analysis of Push-based Wireless Converged Networks

Kongtao Wang, Zhiyong Chen, Hui Liu


Poster Teaser Session 2

Session Chair: Dr. Andreas Maeder, NEC Laboratories Europe


Physical Layer Abstraction for Turbo Coded MIMO Systems with LMMSE-IC based Turbo Equalization

Baozhu Ning, Raphael Visoz, Antoine O. Berthet


A Pipelined Frame Structure for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing under Bandwidth Constraints

Hongzhi Luan, Ou Li, Xiaoyi Zhang


Optimal power allocation for AF full-duplex relay in cognitive radio networks

Yu Shi, Lin Zhang, Zhi Chen, Yu Gong, Gang Wu


Opportunistic Relay Selection and Outage Performance Analysis for 60GHz Wireless System

Zhijun Liu, Waheed Ur Rehman, Xiaofeng Tao, Xiaodong Xu


Effect of propagation environment on area throughput of dense WLAN deployments

Ali Ozyagci, Ki Won Sung, Jens Zander


Inside-Out: Can Indoor Femtocells Satisfy Outdoor Coverage and Capacity Needs?

William J Hillery, Mark Cudak, Amitava Ghosh, Benny Vejlgaard




Lunch Break & Posters


Keynote Speech

Session Chair: Prof. Giridhar K, IIT Madras


·    Prof. Gerhard Fettweis, Vodafone Chair, TU Dresden, Germany



Paper Session 3 - Multi-Antenna and Cooperative Communications

Session Chair: Dr. Arun Ghosh, AT&T Labs


A Closed-Form Upper Bound of the Sum Rate of Blind Interference Alignment and Its Application to Control of the Number of Active Users

Hyukjin Chae, Jin Young Jang


System-Level Studies for Single User and Multiuser Interference Alignment in a Heterogeneous Network

Helka-Liina Määttänen, Harri Niemeläinen, Juha Venäläinen, Mikko Valkama


Millimeter Wave Beam-Alignment for Dual-Polarized Outdoor MIMO Systems

Jiho Song, Stephen G Larew, David Love, Timothy A. Thomas, Amitava Ghosh


Energy-Efficient Cooperative Protocols for Full-Duplex Relay Channels

Mohammad G. Khafagy, Amr Ismail, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Sonia Aïssa


Interference-aware Multi-user Relay Selection Scheme in Cooperative Relay Networks

Jinlong Cao, Tiankui Zhang, Zhimin Zeng, Dantong Liu



Paper Session 4 - Spectrum, Cognitive Radio and Hetnet

Session Chair: Dr. Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Tampere University of Technology


Reinforcement Learning based Secondary User Transmissions in Cognitive Radio Networks

Senthuran Arunthavanathan, Sithamparanathan Kandeepan, Rob Evans


Energy Detection Based Spectrum Sensing with Random Arrival and Departure of Primary User's Signal

Jwo-Yuh Wu, Pei Hsin Huang, Tsang-Yi Wang, Vincent W.S. Wong


A Centralized Method for Optimal Power Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Praful Deolal Mankar, Goutam Das, Sant Pathak


Dual Connectivity in LTE HetNets with Split Control- and User-Plane

Anna Zakrzewska, David López-Pérez, Stepan Kucera, Holger Claussen


Characterizing Performance of Load-Aware Network Selection in Multi-Radio (WiFi/LTE) Heterogeneous Networks

Mikhail Gerasimenko, Nageen Himayat, Shu-ping Yeh, Shilpa Talwar, Sergey Andreev, Yevgeni Koucheryavy




Coffee Break & Posters


Panel Presentations and Discussion

Panel Moderator: Dr. Patrick Marsch, Nokia Solutions and Networks

Panel Topic: What will be the key changes in future broadband wireless access, and when can we expect these?


·    Dr. Gabor Fodor, Master Researcher, Ericsson

·    Dr. Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute

·    Hank Kafka, VP Radio Access & Devices, AT&T

·    Dr. Bill Payne, VP Small Cells and CDMA, Nokia Solutions and Networks

·    Prof. Gerhard Fettweis, Vodafone Chair, TU Dresden, Germany



Please find here a flyer of the workshop.





hank_kafka.jpgHank Kafka
VP Radio Access & Devices, AT&T

Mr. Hank Kafka serves as Vice President of Radio Access & Devices at AT&T. Mr. Kafka is responsible for the technology requirements, testing, and certification of AT&T’s wireless networks and wireless devices. Mr. Kafka has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, focused on identifying key emerging technologies, shaping them to meet customer and service provider needs, and moving them from the lab into the network. He started his career in Bell Labs, holding ... various technical and management positions in development, applied research, and architecture for communication and video technologies. At Johnson Controls, he was responsible for the Controls Group data, voice, and mobile communications networks and applications for local, regional, and global networks. Before BellSouth’s merger with AT&T, Mr. Kafka’s responsibilities at various times included the architecture for all of BellSouth’s networks and services, IT architecture, systems engineering, and advanced technology / exploratory development. Mr. Kafka’s responsibilities in AT&T have included integrated network architecture and technology roadmaps, standards, and wireless technology. He serves as a Member of Board of Governors at 3G Americas, LLC. Mr. Kafka has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Dr. Bill Payne
VP Small Cells and CDMA, Nokia Solutions and Networks

Bill Payne is Vice President of the Small Cell and CDMA Business Line within NSN. His global team is developing 4G LTE and 3G small cell wireless infrastructure products. This includes Micro, Pico, and Femto base stations, along with associated gateway and controller products. His team is also responsible for NSN’s 3G CDMA cellular system development and maintenance. Prior to his current work, Bill was Head of Advanced Technologies and was CTO of North America, where he led a team focused on driving CTO innovations into commercial products and services. Bill joined NSN in May of 2011. Previously, Bill was Vice President and CTO of the Networks’ business within Motorola. His CTO team was responsible for systems engineering and technology development for Motorola Networks’ LTE and WiMAX product lines. After joining Motorola in 1996, Bill directed engineering operations in broadband wireless and cellular infrastructure, cable, and wireless data technologies. Prior to joining Motorola, Bill spent 16 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he led operations in digital switching, cable networking, and photonics. He has been in the telecom equipment industry for 33 years. Bill has seven patents awarded. Bill received a BSEE from Purdue University, an MSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.He is a member of the IEEE, and past member of the Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, and Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honoraries. He is on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Advisory Boards for Purdue and the School of Applied Technologies at the Illinois Inst of Tech. He is also a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha.


fettweis.jpgProf. Gerhard Fettweis
Vodafone Chair,
TU Dresden, Germany

Gerhard P. Fettweis is the Vodafone Chair Professor at Technische Universität Dresden, with 20 companies from around the world currently sponsoring his research on wireless transmission and chip design. An IEEE Fellow, he runs the world’s largest cellular research test beds, coordinated the EASY-C project, and has received numerous awards. He began his career at IBM Research and has since developed ten start-up companies (so far).


Gabor.JPGDr. Gabor Fodor
Master Researcher, Ericsson

Gabor Fodor received a Ph.D. degree in teletraffic theory from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1998. Since then he has been with Ericsson Research, Kista, Sweden. He is currently a master researcher specializing in modeling, performance analysis of and protocol development for wireless access networks. He has published around 50 papers in reviewed conference proceedings and journals and holds about 30 patents (granted or pending). He has served as an Editor of the WILEY International Journal of Communications and has been one of the chairs and organizers of the IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Workshop series since 2007. Dr. Fodor is the senior member of the IEEE.


Dr. Chih-Lin IDr. Chih-Lin I
Chief Scientist Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute

Chih-Lin I, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, has almost 30 years experience in wireless communication area. She has worked in various world class companies and research institutes, including wireless communication fundamental research department of AT&T Bell Labs; Headquarter of AT&T, as Director of Wireless Communications Infrastructure and Access Technology; ITRI of Taiwan, as Director of Wireless Communication Technology Department; Hong Kong ASTRI, as VP and GD of Communications Technology Domain. She was an Elected Board Member of IEEE ComSoc, Director of IEEE ComSoc Meetings & Conferences, and the Founding Chair of IEEE WCNC Steerin Committee. She served as Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Wireless Personal Communications, and Wireless Networks; and was the Recipient of 1994 IEEE S. O. Rice Prize Paper Award for best original publication in IEEE Transactions on Communications. She is currently an Executive Board Member of GreenTouch, a Council Member of ETSI NFV ISG, a Winner of CCCP “National 1000 talent” program, an Adjunct Professor of BUPT, China Mobile Chief Scientist of Wireless Technologies, Head of Green Communication Research Center (GCRC) of China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), in charge of advanced wireless communication R&D effort of CMRI.